It is indeed my good pleasure to announce my candidacy to run for Governor of the Great State of TN in 2022: 

The following acts I will be authorizing via executive order and hopefully

through the state legislation:

1. Clergy of churches/religious institutions:

A. Churches in the state of TN are now state diplomatically immune /state; county and city

officers are no longer allowed in the church on duty nor may arrest; incarcerate; pull over;

detain nor have any clergy nor those of their household arraigned in court.

B. Clergy no longer have to pay taxes to the State of TN. License plates are permanent.

C. Shall be a sovereignty unto themselves.

D. Shall not be able to be sued/obligated in a civil court.

2. Education-

A. Schools will now start at 10 am Monday and end 10 am Friday. All schools shall now

have a Catholic and Protestant Chaplain and Prayer and the Bible may be said before and

after school; during study periods and lunch/snack times.

B. 16 year old's are free to quit w/o parental consent.​

3. Weapons- no one’s right to bear arms (have weapons) shall be taken away unless they

are sex or weapons offenders. All tax paying violators to the state will be given full pardon

and reprieve. (U.S. Citizenship fully restored)

4. Same sex marriage prohibition/weapons/sex offender prohibition- the State of TN will no

longer recognize the same sex marriages. The State of TN will be escorting these to the TN

State line and be asked not to reenter TN. The same shall be done with sex and weapons

offenders. STK orders will be given to the state police for their re-entry.

5. Any person that is not a U.S. Citizen (or legally inhabiting) within the State of TN by the 1st

of the following year of my election shall be shown the TN state lines with STK orders given

to the state police for illegal re-entry.

6. The Press Corp shall no longer inhabit the state building halls but shall be allowed 3000

feet away from state government inhabited buildings.

7. Recordings and picture taking by civilians or off duty officers during the time said person(s) is stopped shall be allowed and is allowed to be used as evidence in a court of law

within the State of TN. Any officer that arrests for such shall be found to be unfit for duty and

terminated from their position without pension.

8. Aeronautics- All flights that fly out of Nashville; Knoxville; Memphis; Jackson or any Aerospace Flights

within TN will discontinue flight from November 1st - April 1st of the following year due to


9. (16) The age of sixteen years of age recognized (age of consent) citizenship in the State

of TN shall allow the following in our government

A. Of legal voting age

B. Serve on a jury

C. Gun ownership/handgun carry permit id

D. Ownership of land/houses

E. Consent of contracts/leases

F. Open bank accounts

G. Open and run legal commerce

H. All United States/ TN state constitutional rights and their amendments

10. Consent age for alcohol/tobacco consumption

No persons who are under the age of 25 shall be able to legally purchase nor shall they

legally consume alcoholic beverages in the State of TN. No persons who are under the age

of 21 shall legally purchase nor consume tobacco of any sort.

11. Consent for use of marijuana-No persons who are citizens of the State of Tennessee shall consume marijuana for any

purpose especially medical until My Administration is over.

12. Medical- TN 40 and Disabled Order

Any persons 40 years of age and older or Disabled or 40 years of age and Disabled shall

have their primary care physicians; hospitals and pharmacists adhere to the following or

licenses are indefinitely suspended:

A. Pharmacists (RX); Medical Doctors (MD) up to and including Nurses and (CNP) Certified Nurse Practitioners nor Hospitals (H) or Nursing Homes (H)(NH) or Urgent Care

Facilities are no longer allowed to sue for payment from Patients.

B. TN Care shall now pay 50% of the patients bill.

C. Medical Doctors (MD) and Hospitals (H); no longer can charge more than $5000.00 per

month for an extended stay over 21 days.

D. RX scripts shall no longer be more than $3.00 per prescription

E. Medical Doctors (primary care) nor the Certified Nursing Practitioners shall charge for

more than $50.00 per visit of any patient

F. Hospitals may not charge for E.R. visits of any more than $50.00 per visit.

13. Parental responsibilities-After the minor child has reached the age of 16 (sixteen)- no longer shall a parent(s) be

responsible for the following:

A. Housing of a minor child

B. Personal care of a minor child (laundry; feeding etc.)

C. Paying for any bills

D. Child support stops at 1st of year following my inauguration.

E. Chauffeuring/schooling of child.

14. TN Counties that I feel under the Patriot Act of 2001 are running their own little organized

crime syndicate will have their TN State Appropriation Funding suspended until I’m out of


Political advertisement by Stephen C. Maxwell 2019

Paid for political campaign ad by Stephen C. Maxwell - Candidate for TN Governor 2022 A.D.

As your governor; I know how tired you are of the Immoral Turpitude and Corruption that has

erupted and overflowed from the city/county/state jail house;

For this reason, when elected Governor I will be creating/opening the following Office of


The office of the TN State Sheriff-Police Commissioner:

The deputies will be charge to act in the following for all city/county/state law enforcement:


1. All 95 counties, unannounced will be visited and investigated.

2. All law enforcement personnel will submit to a narcotic and alcohol test.

3. All law enforcement will submit to a thorough verbal investigation and bring the following


A. All banking account paperwork on/offshore

B. All titles of land/housing

C. All titles of vehicles

D. 7 Years of past tax returns

E. A credit report with a rating of 600 or better

Failure to produce this documentation will result in immediate termination.

Every 6 months; 2 Fridays in a row; the TN State Sheriff-Police Commissioner deputies will

oversee the following:

1. Law enforcement are able to pass a 10 push-up test

2. Law enforcement are able to pass a 1.5 mile test in 10 minutes 45 seconds.

3. Law enforcement are able to pass a 100 crunch test.

All reports sent in for bribery/extortion/theft of services/theft of property of evidence/finance

(money) theft/bank moles removing felonious acts on bank statements/promotion of prostitution or acting therein/felonious maritime; aerospace; mobile running of narcotics/MS-13 actions/organized crime syndication's or any other allegations shall be continuously investigated

TILL I SAY stop. Any Officer that does not want to participate or refuses is considered automatic

quit from their post/forfeits back their retirement to the state.